Communication is vital for small & medium-sized businesses to grow

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us communication can be greatly helped or hindered by the tools and technology we choose. VoIP phone technologies will help your business communications thrive.


Take the first step toward maximizing your communication.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or commonly described as phone over the internet. This means you can have phone service delivered through your internet connection instead of using a traditional phone company.

The best phone solution for businesses of all sizes

Premium calling experience 

  • call recording
  • international calling
  • on-hold marketing
  • more dependable connections (even worldwide)
  • seamlessly integrate your remote workers
  • auto-attendants
  • voice recordings
  • hold music
  • ring groups
  • call queue management
  • and much more


Lower Cost

Save up to 30% of what you would pay other major phone system providers monthly. Traditional landlines are fixed and require costly additions as you grow. A VoIP phone system will evolve with your business, without the expensive surprises.


Switching to VoIP phone is easy

  • hassle-free installation
  • troubleshooting
  • maintenance
  • monitoring 24/7, all year long
  • friendly tech support (ready to answer all of your questions)



Certified VoIP business phones are customizable 

Someone on our team will personally work with you from start to finish. We will handle planning, installation, and migration from your old phone system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is VoIP Good for Small Business?

Due to affordability, one-third of small businesses are now using a VoIP phone.


How Much Is VoIP?

The monthly cost is significantly lower than traditional landlines, but the overall price depends on your choice of hardware and provider.


What Is Needed to Set up VoIP?

The Strickland Group VoIP phone installation requires a reliable internet connection and the VoIP phones of your choice.


Can I Keep My Landline Number with VoIP?

Sure. We will work with your existing telephone service provider to get your new number(s) transferred to your new system.


How reliable is VoIP for business?

If your internet connection is stable and you don’t regularly maximize your upstream or downstream bandwidth, you can enjoy high quality calls. Otherwise, we might suggest installing a second, low-cost internet connection exclusively for your VoIP phone system.  


Can VoIP be used as a mobile phone? 

In some instances, yes. Cloud-based apps can forward your landline to your mobile phone. You can use your VoIP cell phone anywhere, meaning you are no longer limited to your office.


Benefits of VoIP

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Advanced Features (customization)
  • Remote Working
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Unified Communications
  • Easy to Manage
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery Capable


Take the first step toward maximizing your communication.

Strickland Solutions is a proud provider of VoIP technologies. Learn more about how VoIP technologies adds value to your business.

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