Our Process

Standard software may not always meet your particular or complex needs. With our specialized expertise, Strickland Solutions can design, modify, integrate, optimize, and support software applications specifically for your organization. 

  1. Learn: We begin the development process by learning about your business, assessing your usage requirements, desires, and goals. 
  2. Plan: We formulate a scope of work, incorporating best practices, the latest advances in technology, and a plan of action that fits your workflow. 
  3. Deploy: A dedicated software engineering team with a focus on task priority, efficiency, communication, and review. 
  4. Assess and Train: We’ll address scalability and training to ensure long term success. 
  5. Support: Your custom software solution will come with personalized, reliable service and ongoing support.

Thinking Outside the Box

Custom software development can evolve the way you do business. Our highly qualified team works with you to define your vision of success, create an insightful strategy, and deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

Form and Function

We have developed software systems including, Windows desktop, web, web services, client/server, and mobile applications. Our .NET development team focuses on implementing reusable components that serve as the bindings for systems integration. These components are used to implement custom parts of an architecture that supports your company’s distinctive competency.

Coding for Windows, web, and mobile development centers on using C#. With advances in the mobile industry, we have also incorporated Xcode, an integrated development environment for macOS with C# characteristics, as a natural progression in repertoire. 

Web and Intranet Development

Websites are more than just business cards and brochures of the internet. Web services, e-commerce, web portals, and intranet applications are key assets that allow a corporation to perform vital business functions, increase productivity, and profitability.

Systems and Software Integration

Strickland Solutions provides master integrations of software systems on the Microsoft platform. We have a comprehensive background with Microsoft SQL Server, Web Services, Application Programming Interface (API) and standard methods by which to facilitate the communication between software applications across multiple disciplines.

Maximize how your data performs. Combine data from geographic information systems (GIS), mobile sources, databases, and content management systems to support your company’s objectives, optimize operations, and generate new sources of revenue.

Building Racecars

Each of our custom solutions is tailor-made to a customer’s needs. No two custom software solutions are alike. We spend the time to know and understand your business processes. Then, we bring a host of pre-developed libraries and years of experience to guide you toward best practices.

We often say “We build racecars, not sedans.”