Robotic Process Automation, also known as "RPA", is software that allows people to configure virtual "robots," or "bots," to perform mundane human tasks. Using RPA helps automate routine business processes; bots can be programmed to execute a set of instructions, such as launching and operating other software, completing a variety of repetitive digital jobs, and working across multiple systems and applications.

Think of RPA like a digital assistant, taking cumbersome routine work off your plat, improving productivity, and allowing you to focus on more important endeavors. This assistant, when properly trained, makes no mistakes and works for you 24 hours a day.


Let's see what RPA can do for you today.

Digital Delegation

What types of work can RPA bots handle? Just as physical robots mimic human behavior by performing repetitive production on assembly lines, digital bots execute repetitive clerical production. Bots can perform designated parts of tasks, or entire tasks, depending on how they are designed.

Consider these workflow process scenarios for an online sale lead:

User Scenario A - Manual Lead Capture
  • A potential new client visits your website and submits an inquiry form with contact information and a brief description of needs.
  • The submission is received as an email to a designated inbox where a human user sees it, reads it, replies with a welcome message, and forwards it to the appropriate party to address in more detail.
  • The specialty person in the next department receives the forwarded email, reads it, assesses priority, formulates and sends a response, logs the new lead's contact information, and categorizes by demographic and type of work.
  • The person who maintains the new lead log retrieves the new contact information and copies and pastes it into an email marketing platform.
  • One of the people in this process follows up with the new client several days later.

As you can imagine, and may probably have experienced, this simple operation requires the attention and actions of multiple people, often taking several days to execute.

Now, consider how automation can streamline and expedite the process to nurture new leads more efficiently, in turn improving conversion rate:

User Scenario B - Automated Lead Capture
  • A potential new client visits your website and submits an inquiry form with contact information and a brief description of needs.
  • In a matter of seconds, a bot scans the incoming email, sends an automated welcome, logs the new contact info, plugs it into the email marketing platform, queues a follow-up email for 7 days later, assigns priority, packages the request, and forwards this to the appropriate specialty person to take the next step.
  • The specialty person in the appropriate department receives the new lead package to easily formulate and send a response.

There are many other workflow scenarios (HR, payroll, reporting, customer relationship management, inventory control, or any process that deals with digitized communication, data, and filing) in which a human must open and close multiple software applications, extract information, type data into fields, move files, and otherwise spend time on mindless operations. Incorporating automation is a way to digitally delegate such manual, time-consuming tasks, allowing more valuable work to take precedence.

Check out this infographic to see some of the many practical applications of RPA that could benefit your business.


Benefits of RPA


RPA is a win-win tool for success. Not only will your business gain benefits, but your customers will also have a better user experience when interacting with your company. Here are just a few of the positive effects:

  • Enhanced accuracy, productivity, and employee engagement
  • Improved consistency and customer satisfaction
  • Rapid effectiveness and ROI
  • Removal of business process bottlenecks
  • Non-intrusive leveraging of existing IT systems
  • Adaptability in a changing business environment
  • Added security layers for remote workforces
  • Increased compliance and auditability
  • Scalability that accommodates growth

Guided Implementation

Our professionals will work with your team, in whatever capacity you desire, to help your company reap the rewards of robotic process automation. We understand change can be daunting; in addition to developing a highly customized RPA solution to suit your unique business processes, we will test, launch, monitor, manage, and scale with your enterprise, as well as provide technical and user training. RPA implementation with Strickland Solution is practical, swift, and pain-free.

Streamline your operations. Enhance productivity and profitability.

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